We're still looking for a little help


Crossposting this from WarCraft's 2nd War for more exposure.

At the moment we are focusing all of our efforts on adding a meaningful player progression system after which we will continue to do our best to create a healthy player base.

We are still looking for a little help:

  • a digital artist
  • a software engineer
  • someone with experience in building a Minecraft server’s player base

Digital artist
We are considering moving our forum away from Discourse to the more accustomed XenForo. We’re looking for forum category icons in the style of our logo and occasionally a cool update banner.

Software engineer
I am looking for a right hand to help stabilize our custom plugins. After all of the spiking done to get the server in a playable state there is lots to refactor, but even more that still needs to be added. I would also like to open source it over time for which there is much to discuss. At least 2 years of programming experience with 1 year using Spigot is a must, the rest is all open for discussion. I am happy to teach along the way, but would love to be able to learn some things from you as well!

If you’d like to fill any of these roles or have any questions about them please send @fishb6nes or @eijlen a direct message here on the forums or on our discord at discord.warcraft.gg!


We have found an artist and an engineer, but would still like to get in touch with someone that has experience in community building.