Welcome to the WarCraft Community, come say hi!


Welcome to the WarCraft Commmunity! Here you’ll be able to find anything WarCraft: Legends, our epic open-world player versus player server!

On WarCraft: Legends you’ll champion one of four races as one of a dozen combat specializations with custom spells and 1.8-style melee in this free-for-all eternal battlefield ravaged by forces beyond the mortal grasp. Conquer key locations by laying siege to and capturing enemy strongholds and slaying ancient beasts roaming the land. Lead your race to victory, settle down in a house of your own, and make your legend on The Shattered Moon of Ouros as you delve into its rich history.

Launching soon!
WarCraft: Legends is launching on the 23rd of March! To learn all there is to know so far about WarCraft: Legends browse the guides available at http://community.warcraft.gg/c/legends/guides.

While we wrap everything up and make some last minute changes the whitelist has been re-enabled. Anyone that logged in before today will still be able to login and help us test. Everyone else please join us on the 23rd early evening Eastern Time!

The house rules are simple

  • Be friendly
  • Keep it SFW
  • No spam

Discourse (this forum)
To achieve an experience similar to more traditional forums bookmark the Categories page, though once you’ve caught up on everything the Latest posts page tends to be a lot more convenient!


  • Discourse allows you to unpin topics for you personally which you don’t feel need to remain pinned after having read them.

Discord: http://discord.warcraft.gg
Server guides: http://community.warcraft.gg/c/legends/guides
WarCraft Leaderboard: http://warcraft.gg/leaderboard


Welcome to WarCraft! The intention of this thread is to inform, but also welcome and introduce everyone to the community. If you’d like to please reply with a short ‘hello’ post about yourself :slight_smile:

I am @fishb6nes and I take care of all of our IT needs. I live in totally-economically-stable London and enjoy doing many things; such as doing nothing. You will find me camping the WarCraft Community Discord whenever I can and these forums all the time (keeping in mind a UTC sleeping schedule). If there ever is anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to poke me on the Discord or make a thread here and I look forward to seeing you all on the server!