WarCraft's Launch War


Launch week has come to an end and while it’s been very modest it was incredibly productive. We’re really happy with how the server is generally received and are excited for what is to come. We hope those who have tried the server had fun and if you still have any feedback please do let us know in the feedback thread at WarCraft: Legends Feedback Mega-Thread or come tell us directly on our discord at discord.warcraft.gg!


The Orcs have won the first war!
With 66.4k points to 61.3k at 0AM EST today.

Total points:

Especially at the start of the week we’ve seen points go back and forth between humans and orcs as both of you cap everything when you’re the last one to log off or the first one to log on!

Every orc will be awarded with the Lootz in the coming days.

Killing blows leaderboard:

Without a doubt @Kralek has been owning the hardest closely followed by Dragonayr and then @Raomir, @Wolfdwg, TheNanMan2000, Banned4Clicking, @Tristanx7, @fishb6nes, @eijlen, and RodentConsumer. Quite a balanced representation for both races!

Kralek will get to choose two legendary items, and Dragonayr one, which they get to customly name in their glorious vision.

Legendary drops:

@Tristanx7 looted the first ever legendary drop within minutes of the server opening! (Off course it’s an offhand)

Moving forward:
We’ll be focusing a lot of our efforts towards creating a healthy player base, but to make our server reach beyond its potential we need a little help. We are currently looking for:

  • a handful of builders
  • one or two moderators
  • someone with experience in building a Minecraft server’s player base

If you’d like to fill any of these roles or have any questions about them please send @fishb6nes or @eijlen a direct message here on the forums or on our discord at discord.warcraft.gg!

Dragonayr has posted a challenge on the discord, do you dare accept it?

Prepare ur ass holes orcs, cause the Humans are gonna smash u’s on Wednesday at 4:30PM EST
This is war. x

Points have been reset, the leaderboard has been wiped, see you on the Shattered Moon of Ouros!

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