WarCraft: Legends is open for testing


We’re happy to be able to let you know that the WarCraft: Legends server is open for testing purposes at play.warcraft.gg. Please join us on the WarCraft Community Discord at discord.warcraft.gg and share your feedback in the Feedback category or Feedback Mega-Thread and together we will make this one hell of a server.

Introduction: About the WarCraft: Legends category

Currently testable races

  • Humenum (Humans)
  • Vorkulth (Orcs)

Currently testable classes

  • Berserker
  • Armsmaster
  • Hunter
  • Marksman
  • Tempest
  • Wizard
    You can switch classes by going into the main menu (/menu) and going into the class menu, or going straight into the class menu (/class).
    You can obtain a set of armor and weapons appropriate for your current class via the /kit command (this will be auto cast for you whenever you switch classes).

Currently testable siege weapons

  • Bomb
  • Trebuchet
    You can place siege with the /bomb and /treb commands.

Currently testable objectives

  • All human objectives (keeps, resources, and outposts)
  • All orc objectives (keeps, resources, and outposts)

How to help us test
Please hop onto the server and give every class and ability a whirl, let us know what you like, don’t like, and what you’d change in the Feedback category or Feedback Mega-Thread.

For the sake of proximity and convenience players will spawn in their nation’s outpost closest to the other testable nation rather than in their capital. The entire continent of both testable races is available, however, so feel free to turn around and explore!


How does one get whitelisted?


Oops, you caught us off guard haha. Tonight we will clean up the forums and add any missing information, then tomorrow morning we’ll drop the whitelist. Looking forward to hearing what you think!


Most information to get you started is now present and the server is available at play.warcraft.gg. You’ll be able to find ourselves online in a few hours.


Small update; we’re currently working on the resource objectives (mines, lumber mills, and farms) and are collaborating with another server to make the melee PvP 1.8-like.

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