The Second War


The second war has come to an end. We hope those who have tried the server had fun and if you still have any feedback please do let us know in the feedback thread at WarCraft: Legends Feedback Mega-Thread or come tell us directly on our discord at!


The Humans have won the second war!
With 46.8k points to 35.1k.

Total points:

Every human will be awarded with the appropriate rewards in the coming weeks. I apologize for the delay in the distribution of these. Rewards and player progression are our main priority at the moment.

Killing blows leaderboard:

There might or might not have been a little bit of spawn camping, but cheesing aside, CloudsInSpace was already winning by a landslide from the start of the week!

CloudsInSpace will get to choose two legendary items, and @Wolfdwg (L0fi) one, which they get to customly name in their glorious vision.

As of the 3rd War we are retiring the custom legendary rewards for the highest ranking players on the leaderboard. We will share what they will be replaced by soon(ish).

Moving forward:
At the moment we are focusing all of our efforts on adding a meaningful player progression system after which we will continue to do our best to create a healthy player base.

We are still looking for a little help:

  • a digital artist
  • a software engineer
  • someone with experience in building a Minecraft server’s player base

For more information: We're still looking for a little help

If you’d like to fill any of these roles or have any questions about them please send @fishb6nes or @eijlen a direct message here on the forums or on our discord at!

Points have been reset, the leaderboard has been wiped, see you on the Shattered Moon of Ouros!

We're still looking for a little help