Thank you to our day 1 testers


Hey everyone,

I wanted to extend my gratitude to everybody who helped test our server today, there are lots of number tweaks, bug fixes and improvements to come the coming days, we hope to see you all again soon.

A few major changes are underway to the foundation of our combat, namely the removal of the power bar and reintroduction of knockback on hit. We thank you for your patience while these changes are being made.


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Bugs fixed following last night’s testing:

  • Disable friendly fire with vanilla arrows
  • Fix Power Shot knockback direction
  • Reimburst Ranger arrows whenever fired
  • Fix status effects not properly updating due to missing health changed events on environmental damage events
  • Fix status effects not properly updating due to missing health changed events on player respawn
  • Add deadbush to targeting ignore list
  • Increase range on combat particles and sounds
  • Fix grudge to heal the Berserker on all hits rather than the attacker
  • Fix Molten Storm Fireballs hitting friendlies
  • Equip appropriate item kit as soon as a class command is executed (no need to /kit anymore)
  • Fix OPs accidentally destroying blocks when attempting to cast abilities which are on cooldown
  • Fix spells damaging and destroying decorative armor stands

Bugs that remain:

  • Non solid materials are not ignored by projectile abilities, meaning tall grass, deadbush, etc will block Fireball, Arcane Missile etc
  • There is some funky interaction between Sneak finishing its invisible state and players disconnecting / relogging resulting in permanently invisible enemies (temporary fix is to switch to the opposing race and then back to yours via the /human and /orc commands)
  • Dismounting a pig after being caught in a Mass Piggify can cause the server to kick you for flying

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