Roadmap to release


We gathered a lot of feedback from our initial launch, most notably regarding personal progression, and have planned to make numerous improvements to the server before release. But fish, aren’t a launch and a release pretty much the exact same thing? Ye kinda… Think of it as Launch 2.0 Super-Kralek-Duper-For-Real-This-Time if you will.

Roadmap to release:
:white_check_mark: 2nd of May - refactor first half of general project structure
:white_check_mark: 10th of May - stabilize chat module
:white_check_mark: 12th of May - stabilize configuration module
:white_check_mark: 20th of May - stabilize gathering module
:white_check_mark: 26th of May - refactor second half of project structure
:white_check_mark: 2nd of June - stabilize objective module
:white_check_mark: 9th of June - stabilize housing module
:white_check_mark: 15th of June - stabilize siege module
:red_circle: 24th of June - stabilize combat module
:red_circle: 8th of July - implement new rewards sytem
:red_circle: 15th of July - implement first new progression systems
:red_circle: Soon (I think?) - release :tada:

I will comment on this thread and update the list as points are knocked off.


Oh boy. The first post of shame. Or is it. I am happy with the progress of the chat module, but it is slightly behind.

Regardless, Chau and i will be making a start with the configuration module tomorrow and wrap up the chat module when time allows.

Update: The chat module is now done.


Configuration stabilization done.
Chat is catching up nicely in the mean time.

Update: The combat module is a big chunk of work and will most likely spill over, so in stead we’ll be putting that one on hold and focus on knocking off some smaller points first.


One of the subprojects of the plugin has started to go down a path that I believe to be unhealthy for the server in the long run and as such I’ll be taking some time to rectify that. At this point in time the combat module has been completely cancelled from the current planning. The final points on the todo list have had time allocated very generously and I’m sure we’ll be able to find the time to eventually do the combat module without comprimising the final target.


The gathering refactoring is pretty much complete. Over the weekend Chau and I will be settling on a final architectural direction for the plugin and steam ahead with the housing and objective modules.


I have rearranged the planning following this weekends discussions. Project is headed in a good direction, combat module is slotted back in, and the final deadline is still where it was before.


We’re a liiitle bit behind wrapping up the second half of the general project structure, but everything’s fine, everything’s just fine.



We have some catching up to do but are still aiming for the 22nd. Many in progress modules are testable but I don’t want to tick them as done until they are 100% done.


Bad news, I have fallen ill. I’m trying to do work, but it’s going to be a rough weekend. Considering that we are already behind and really needed the time it is safer to assume that the 29th will be our new release target.

I will post an update as to whether we’re moving the date on Monday.


We will be pushing the release date back to the 29th of June. The planning has been readjusted to reflect this. Most points will still be at their initial target dates to not give ourselves the illusion of more slack time.


To avoid dissapointment we will capitalize on the fact that we don’t have any traffic at the moment and will be pushing back the final day one more time to avoid the scenario like last time where we finished on the day without any time for testing.



Of course we were never gonna make the planning (I suck at it, who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but we’re getting really close. Things are wrapping up and we’re probably looking at a couple more weeks.


Well one thing is clear; my planning is terrible. We’re getting closer every day, but it will be done when it is done.


Did we make it … ? We made it. Thank god we made it. It’s a shame that it is nearly a year later, however. I will most likely do a write-up of what and how things went wrong elsewhere at a later date, but for now lets appreciate that the server is once again done.

Come join us at :slight_smile:

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