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Battles on WarCraft: Legends are split up into Wars, the point of this guide is to explain how these work and what you need to do to win one!

This means War
Every week (on Monday) a new War begins. All objectives and points are reset and everyone can change race for free (during the week changing race requires a special token to discourage continuous hopping to whichever race is currently winning). We will post daily stats about each race’s performance and highlight the players that are currently owning it up the most.

As you capture objectives these will award points each tally. Tallies are moments where the objectives that your race currently occupies are translated into points and added to your race’s total points.

At the time of writing objectives award the following amount of points:

  • Each keep gives 25 points
  • Each outpost gives 10 points
  • Each resource objective gives 5 points
  • Each enemy killed gives 1 point

Winning a War means loot for your entire race, and lots of it.

WarCraft’s greatest PvPers will turn their actions into legend and enjoy everlasting fame on the WarCraft Leaderboards available at: http://warcraft.gg/leaderboard/.

More information: [Guide] The scoreboard.

If you have any more questions about a win condition please post them as a reply to this thread and we’ll be more than happy to answer them and update the guide as appropriate.

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