[Guide] Warrior abilities


Warriors are masters of melee combat (the server offers 1.8-style pvp for warriors), there are currently 2 warrior specialisations available.


Berserkers wield an axe and the skull of their enemies. Their skills focus on dealing damage and recovering health.

[Left click] Melee: A normal Minecraft melee swing.
[Right click] Maul: Maul your enemy for damage and receive absorption for a short duration.
[Shift left click] Grudge: Mark a player as the bearer of your grudge, applying a visible mark above their head which persists for a moderate duration. Any hit made against them replenishes a little health to you.
[Shift right click] Shatter: Leap forward and slam down into the ground throwing your enemies into the air, dealing high damage and giving them nausea for a moderate duration.


Armsmasters wield a sword and a shield. Their skills focus on control and defense.

[Left click] Melee: A normal Minecraft melee swing.
[Right click] Hamstring: Damage your enemy and slow them for a long duration.
[Shift left click] Slam: Hit your enemy with an overpowering blow damaging and knocking them back a sizeable distance which also gives them nausea for a moderate duration.
[Shift right click] Stand Your Ground: Bunker down to greatly increase all of your resistences for a moderate duration.

If you have any more questions about a Warrior ability please post them as a reply to this thread and we’ll be more than happy to answer them and update the guide as appropriate.

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