[Guide] The scoreboard


When holding down the TAB key you are able to see a list of players who are currently online, but you will also get to see the scoreboard. The aim of this guide is to explain how to read the scoreboard and to make you aware of which information it makes available.

Point tallies
At the very top is a countdown to the next tally. Tallies are moments where the objectives that your race currently occupies are translated into points and added to your race’s total points.

At the time of writing objectives award the following amount of points:

  • Each keep gives 25 points
  • Each outpost gives 10 points
  • Each resource objective gives 5 points
  • Each enemy killed gives 1 point

Current score
Underneath the countdown you will see a group of numbers. These numbers represent the current total points of every race in the following order: Human | Orc. The race with the most points at the end of a War wins. For more information on win conditions please read [Guide] Win conditions.

Current occupiers
Next is a repeated sequence of characters which represents each objective. As is the order for the overall score; the first set of characters belongs to the Humans, the second the Orcs, etc. First come your keeps (east then west), your farm, lumber mill, and mine, and finally your outposts (east then west). The color in which these characters are displayed hint at which race currently controls this objective (blue for the Humenum, red for the Vorkulth).

Colored names
Lastly the list of online players is colored (just like the name above their head in-game) according to which race they are fighting for (blue for the Humenum, red for the Vorkulth).

If you have any more questions about the scoreboard please post them as a reply to this thread and we’ll be more than happy to answer them and update the guide as appropriate.

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