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Ouros was home to powerful races who to this day battle for glory on the shattered moon. Upon joining the server for the first time you get to choose which one you want to join, there are currently 2 races available. The purpose of this guide is to give you a little background story to each of them, but you will most likely want to pick whichever race your friends are playing as!


Humenum (Humans)
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The Imperium Of Man is a collective of cultures formed during the Fifth Age to unite all human civilizations into the single greatest kingdom Ouros has known. Undivided for many Ages, the Humans are known for being the most ordinated of the races, using the “Codex”, a set of rules devised during the Fifth Age, as their ultimate way of life. It determines from the way they harvest, to the way they talk and walk. Honor in the way of good deeds is what determines a Human, but also the underlying greed and deception, disguised as ambition and cunning. Aristocrats at best, Humans are known for being very judgemental and being incredibly vindictive in their resolute, to the point of it being considered immoral or “Inhumane”.

The Humans are lead by a single royal family, deemed to be the Holy Imperial Family and considered the prophets of the Dead God, their belief. They have a church system and Justicars that act out on the Imperium’s interests. The most relevant order within the Humans is the Mage Council, lead by a seventeen hundred year old human, the High Mage. An individual of ungrasped power who relays magic to all individuals on Ouros. He is not only regarded as a man-turned-deity, but also the Prophet of Magic itself.

The current Emperor of the humans is Lemaine IV of the Imperial house Rayonant, he has been in power for over twenty five years, succeeding his father Alaion II.


Vorkulth (Orcs)
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Vorkulth, the self-proclaimed “Sons of the Bull” are a warlike race that has upheld their own concept of honor (usually obtained through the spilling of blood and other battle achievements) and with strong beliefs in their unique status of being unchained of what made them animals by an ancient being known solely as Vor, the Bull. They view other races below themselves, judging their system of attachments to their roots (Dwarves to their Mâ-derim, Elves to their forests, Humans to their Codex) as the most lowly self-enslavement, and thus they have no trouble of declaring war to satisfy their own need of battle. Their leadership is usually comprised of a general, but they are as temporary as the fleeting wind, usually changing hands at least three times per year. There’s no fear of battle in the orcish armies, and even the recruits are usually taken for harsh training, in which they will break them down to their lowest. The Orcish magic is known as the Calling, a type of magic that manipulates the elementals and can bend the will of spiritual entities to the will of the caster.

Children are usually raised up to become warriors since birth, including both males and females. Those born with deformities and anomalies that will hinder them from the fray of battle are usually left for babysitting and strategy-crafting. Their current leader is Og-har The Enraged; who’s considered one of the Greater Warlords, as he’s been on the throne for more than 40 years now, much longer than many leaders.

If you have any more questions about the races of Ouros please post them as a reply to this thread and we’ll be more than happy to answer them and update the guide as appropriate.

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