[Guide] Objectives


On the Shattered Moon of Ouros you’ll interact with 7 different types of objectives. The point of this guide is to make you aware of these and what they do.

While technically not an objective, every race has its own capital which lies in a central location on their continent. Capitals are safe zones and as such PvP has been disabled in these areas. Players will (re)spawn at a place of power in their capital. Additionally you can rent and freely decorate a house in your capital: [Guide] Housing.

Keeps are a race’s primary military locations. They are well defended and generally require siege equipment and a larger group of people to break into. Keeps reward a large amount of points.

The first line of defense between neighboring races. Think of outposts as mini-keeps.


Keeps and outposts have teleporters near their gates that allow players of the currently controlling race easy access in to and out off the objective. The color of the teleporter hints at which race can currently use it.

The farm is where your race will be obtaining its food from. If your farm has been compromised and there is no access to a food storage your entire race will slowly start to starve.

Lumber mill
Wood from the lumber mill supplies your race with the first half of the resources required to operate heavy siege equipment.

Stone from the mine supplies your race with the second half of the resources required to operate heavy siege equipment.

Work in progress, this guide will be updated as soon as this functionality has become available.

More information: [Guide] Win conditions.

If you have any more questions about an objective please post them as a reply to this thread and we’ll be more than happy to answer them and update the guide as appropriate.

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