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Shattered we stand tall
A land forsaken by gods, with untouched beauty of eternal potential. Welcome home. Welcome to Ouros.

The Shattered Moon of Ouros
Champion one of the four nations as one of a dozen classes in this free-for-all eternal battlefield ravaged by forces beyond the mortal grasp. Conquer key locations by laying siege to enemy strongholds and slaying ancient beasts roaming the land. Lead your nation to victory as you make your legend on The Shattered Moon of Ouros and delve into its rich history.

The Shattered Moon of Ouros is home to four great races. You get to play as the Humenum, Vorkulth, Ivrae-dalin, and Argûl (Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves respectively). But beware, as soon as you have chosen a home all others become your sworn enemies!

More information: [Guide] Races

The Titans have bestowed upon every wayfarer the power to channel one of 12 unique combat specialisations. These classes range from axe wielding maniacal Berserkers and planar shifting Riftstalkers on the hunt to Oracles guiding astral powers lingering around the shattered moon and thrice as many others!

More information: [Guide] Warrior abilities, [Guide] Ranger abilities, [Guide] Mage abilities, and [Guide] Passive abilities

Objectives and Resource Camps
Among the map are 29 strategically placed capturable locations that’ll allow your nation to fortify its position in hostile territory and press the advantage on enemy resources. Starve your opponents by cutting off their food supply or severely penalise their ability to build by occupying their lumber yard and mine.

More information: [Guide] Objectives

Siege Warfare
Destroy enemy strongholds by raining hell down upon them. You’re able to build rams, catapults, and trebuchets wherever you please to aid your team in taking down and invading hostile camps. Once you have successfully captured an objective The Titans will see to it that the objective gets rebuild in a timely fashion donning your nation’s banners.

More information: [Guide] Siege weaponry

Win Condition
Every 15 minutes a point tally will occur. Depending on the amount of objectives your nation controls at these moments in time your team will be awarded War Score. Additional War Score can be earned by clearing camps and killing enemy players. The nation with the highest War Score on reset day will be showered in boons and wealth, and every player that has been calling this nation home since before the reset will be immortalised in the Halls of The Titans.

More information: [Guide] Win conditions and [Guide] The scoreboard

Love honor more than you fear death
See you on the battlefield!

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